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Rules and Policy

Randolf, Oct 12, 11 12:08 PM.

my name is Randolf. I play now since summer 2007 and after some point I decided to create a Linkshell. DynamisLinkshell was found on Oct. 12th 2011 by Pamiant and me.

DynamisLinkshell is an event linkshell. Our events vary brightly from Blackbeltitems to NM-Spam in aby (Zelus Tiarra) or Rani (Eponas) or Dynamisevents. Some of us doing Mythicweaponpath (Assault+Einherjar atm). We also do weekly VW-Runs and once a week ADL. (ADL Umbral Marrow will be sold and split between members that was on the event.)
Since our schedule is very full we occassionally help ppl with Abyssea Empy-Weapons but we dont do events for this.
If you want to make a Relicweapon you are granted help on Attestations- and Fragment NMs. For currencyfarming you are responsible for yourself.

DynamisLinkshell is recruting ppl for more Endgame event's. Today we have a core of 7 -10 ppl and a few mules at events. We are hopeing to do more HQ events like Odin II and Limbus II. Legion is something we hope we can do later on.
We need all jobs and will accept most ppl that feel like they have something to add to our ls.

Attend at least 3 events per week ->> To cancel an event because too low man isnt cool. Please try to come to all events. As well as a matter of fact: With inactive and/or fulltime selforientated members, nothing can be won.
2 capped skilled 99 jobs.
Access to Limbus, Sky and Dynamis Xarxabard, AHT-Warp, all Aby areas installed, all VW-prerequirements made, as well as good travel in Wotg areas.

Our events are from Wednesday to Sunday and begin at 2100 GMT+1 (2pm est). Please start gather together 15 Minutes before event. Since we are an eventlinkshell I expect you to come to scheduled events if you are online (We are a groupplaying Linkshell). Events will take place for 2-3 hours. Events announced in /lsmes count as Linkshell event.
If you want to do any specific event pls /tell.

Each event you participate you will be rewarded with 2 points. Points will always be updated at the end of the week.

In general all items on all events freelot (No points charged).
More rare items won by loting are charged for 3 points. (i.e. Eponas ring from Rani, or all Shinryu drops). For highly rare drops like defending ring we charge a large amount of points for winning the lot. (DefindingRing 40)
In any case eventleader will always inform members if drops freelot or if drops charged for 3 points. Please just lot on items you can equip or use.

At BCNMs we do "your orb your drop". Only if we do a Blackbelt-Run -> Blackbeltitem from KSNM goes to Linkshell.

For some special NMs like Shinryu or Rani it is still necessary to use a brew. If you bring a Brew you do this on your own for LS.
If we farm pops or popsets as Linkshell, drops go to Linkshell. (Pointsystem or special Rules). If it is the case you farmed a pop completely alone and provide it to Linkshell, you can choose 1 drop for yourself. Rest is for LS please (eg. you bring a AV pop).

There is no lsbank. All popitems will be farmed earlier. If it takes place an event will cost something, ie.Legion (360k per run) - all members will be charged for a participationsfee beforehand. Formula: Price/number of member participating. Low cost events like Einherjar (60k per run) will be provided by our sacks and me.

Sacks are provided to members who help with administration, ie. Pointupdating, eventleading, Recruiting etc.

Our sacks are Pamiant, Trioto and Psykoheart. You can always refer to them if you have any questions.
Pamiant is doing points. Trioto takes care of our ABY-Events, Psykoheart helps on missions.

Open Sacks atm: VW-Leader, Recruitment.
If you are interested in helping our Linkshell to keep it a successful and nice place pls /tell for interview.

I have full understanding for having some friends outside our linkshell but to make this a very clear point I dont like Linkshellhoppers.

DynamisLinkshell is a NO DRAMA society. If you have any problems with strategy or other ppl inside LS, pls /tell.
PLS NEVER argue around in open chat (/sh /y /say /ls /p). As well in the middle of event is not an appropriate time to discuss things.

Since we want our linkshell known as good and fair group on Bahamutserver we hereby ask you to play fair. We never steal drops in pickup parties. We never steal NMs from other PTs or Soloers. We never betray other ppl when buying or selling items.

If you are interested in posting picks, pls feel free to do so.

This website is mainly used to check points. Most info are given in game.

To get you listed in here in Pointsystem it is a must to sign in at as a member. You are not forced to do any other steps at this website than sign in, but feel free to use it as your personal communicationcenter.

Thank you.

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